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Along with the arrival of spring, we have a lot of news and you definitely shouldn't miss them! We have created 3 brand new editions that boast even better ingredients and flavors. You will now find products containing THCPO and HHCPO in our offer. So let's take a look.

Have you checked out our news yet? No? We will be happy to introduce them to you, but be careful, you won't know what you are before choose! We have added a total of three new editions to our offer and each has a pair of…

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What can you find in this edition?

In the CBD, Strong and Super Strong editions, you will find a set of varieties that combine fruity and sweet scent. Do you prefer flowers, vape pens or pre-rolls? We have everything!


Cannabis flowers contain a unique natural aroma that is very distinctive and intense
so you can enjoy the specific aroma profile of individual varieties until your last breath. We are in editions they have combined such varieties that can be proud of the specific aroma of tropical or forest fruit. Our super premium pre-rolls are ready to roll right away! Just cross it out... There are too a great choice if you can't decide on a specific variety.

Vape pens

Vaporizing pens are the most convenient option that you can always have at hand and enjoy a chill absolutely whenever and wherever you want. Here, too, you can reach for citrus fruits, forest fruits, or whole grains novelty - cinnamon!



0,5ml packing € 19.60
2ml packing € 39.60


0,5ml packing € 27.60
2ml packing € 55.60

CBD edition

CBD Edition is a classic for every evening chill... You simply can't go wrong with products in this category. You can choose flowers or ready-made premium pre-rolls and vaporizer pens. In every product, we refined the CBD ratio to perfection. We have selected only the highest quality varieties that they differ from each other in their aroma and properties. If you are looking for a weaker caliber for your collection, we recommend the fruity Pink Runtz with THC <0.2%
or a sweet dessert in the form of Gelato #4. If you are not afraid of a real drive, reach for L.A. Peyote – it is literally heaven on earth! You can find all these seeds in three designs - vapa, flowers or pre-rolls.

Strong edition

Uuuf, the second new item is the Strong Edition, and it is simply strong. You will find well-known spiced varieties in it THCPO and HHCPO, which will blow your mind with their unique aroma and properties. Here too, we have prepared for you flowers that smell naturally of cannabis, pre-rolls or the most comfortable a variant that you can always have on hand - vapes. We fell in love with the Apple fritter, for sure don't miss it, or the D-44, which is simply the bomb in our offer!

What is THCPO and HHCPO?

We talked more about these new substances in this article (link). HHCPO and THCPO are
synthetic substances extracted from organic hemp and combine the best of cannabinoids.
HHCPO is actually an acetylated version of HHCP, but it is more potent and potent. THCPO is its properties very similar but with some extra flair. Since HHCPO and THCPO are completely new to the market, it is necessary to focus on quality when purchasing products.

Super strong

We have created the strongest Super Strong edition for all those who will not settle for less. Get to collections such as our favorite Green Crack, Mimosa or Purple Punch.

Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with our products. We pay attention to the quality of each of them and accurate capture of the proportions of individual substances. So what do you have chosen?

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Igor is a marketer from WOXO agency. He specializes in advertising, PR and marketing, but in his spare time he has long been involved in hemp issues and follows the Czech market with CBD and HHC products.

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