How to focus better on learning

Do you feel that it is harder for you to concentrate when studying or working and that everything takes longer? There are many things we can control that affect how attentive and focused we are during learning. The phone, noise or stress can lead you away from the subject to completely different thoughts. In this article, we will advise you on what to do in order to be able to focus better on your studies.


  • Remove things that distract you
  • Relax yourself
    • Quality sleep is the foundation
  • Study just for a fraction of time
    • Take breaks regularly
  • Approach from big topics to smaller ones
  • Caffeine or Ginkgo biloba?
    • CBD
  • Relaxing music and white noise
  • Frequently asked questions

Better concentration will not only speed up your learning, but also improve its quality in the long run. This is because you process information better and keep it for a longer period of time. But how can you focus better on learning? Just try these few tips.

Remove things that distract you

A phone lighting up, social media buzzing, noise from outside or a ticking clock. All this can disturb a person and divert his attention from the subject. When learning, your brain needs maximum rest to be able to receive and process the received information. It is not an easy matter, so you should make this job as easy as possible for him. Turn off the clock, put headphones or earplugs in your ears. Put the phone as far away from you as its presence makes some people feel like they have to constantly check it. In short, get rid of everything that could disturb you.

Relax yourself

Before learning, it is also important to calm your mind and your whole body. To calm down, a short meditation, stretching or you can try some CBD drops, which have relaxing effects, can help you.

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Quality sleep is the foundation

Your performance and concentration are also related to the quality of your sleep. The body needs to regenerate during the night. The better quality sleep you get, the faster you learn. In general, it is recommended to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, but in addition to the length of sleep, also focus on its depth. If noise disturbs you during sleep or you wake up often, you need to focus on these problems. In this case, CBD drops can be helpful again, as they have a positive effect on the quality of sleep.

Study just for a fraction of time

Divide your learning into several periods of time, which will always be separated by a break. You must have already noticed how long you can study and after what time your thoughts run away.

Take breaks regularly

It is good to absorb the learned information and not buy it one after the other. Give your head some time to rest and process the information. During the break, give your body sugar in the form of a small meal, drink and stretch. This not only refreshes your head, but also your entire body. During the break, try to limit your viewing of social networks on your phone and simply turn it off completely for a while.

Approach from big topics to smaller ones

It is always easier for the brain to approach from larger wholes to smaller ones and from main information to details. Therefore, divide the curriculum according to importance into individual sections of topics. First, learn only the most essential, general things, and once you have a good grasp of them, you can start to progress in more depth. Thanks to this process, you will always focus on only a certain amount of information at the moment, and then more easily see context and connections in it.

Caffeine or Ginkgo biloba?

For better concentration, you can also use natural stimulants that help maintain attention, alertness and also speed up the learning process. These include, for example, caffeine, which supports the cognitive functions of the brain, or Ginkgo biloba, which helps you remember information better. You can also usually find ginseng tea in stores, which has an overall positive effect on the entire organism and helps improve brain function.


Products containing CBD, such as various oils, ointments or vaporizers, can also have a stimulating effect. CBD relaxes not only the mind, but also the whole body and supports the quality of sleep, which is important for good concentration.

Relaxing music and white noise

While some people need absolute silence while studying, others may find it helpful to listen to music. Try to find a simple instrumental playlist with relaxing songs that will get you in the mood for a wave of concentration. If the melody disturbs you, you can also try white noise, which does not burden your brain, but at the same time separates you from the sounds of the surrounding environment.

Frequently asked questions

What helps in learning?

You will achieve the greatest results if you focus on only one thing at a time. Do not try to do unnecessary multitasking and focus only on receiving information and learning it. Because learning is a demanding process for the body, don't forget to take regular breaks and replenish sugars to stimulate your brain. Certain substances that calm your body, such as ginseng or CBD, can also help you while learning.

How to train concentration?

Start small and learn in short intervals that you can gradually increase. While learning, try to breathe deeply and regularly so that the brain is sufficiently oxygenated. Deep inhalations and exhalations can also relax your body.

How to improve your memory?

Memory can be strengthened again by regular training and stress. Engage your memory on a daily basis, for example by doing crosswords, simple quizzes or simply memorizing a shopping list. You can also strengthen your memory with the help of food supplements.

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