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„On healthy life style depends overal well-being and sleeping. Thanks to CBD was my sleep really quiet and deep.“


My name is Ester and my purpose is educate people in nutriment. I hate that saying: „Dont eat and move!“  Because food is a friend and if you want to eat more, you should start to move more. Starvations and diets must be out of the question.

On healthy life style depends overal well-being and good sleep. I managed to promote a deep and restful sleep with the help of CBD. I started to use CBD to make myself calmer. What did not go unnoticed was different sleep and intense dreams, despite the fact that I was getting up at night to breastfeed. I didn't wake up completely, so after returning to bed, I felt asleep again and I was more fresh in the morning. I tried to stop with CBD and I was watching changes in my sleep through the app on my watch.

What I can say from my experience is that deep sleep and heart rate are completely different with the use of CBD. I have a calmer heart rate and better quality deeper sleep. What is the advantage? A shorter nap is enough for me to feel sleepy. It's more efficient, seems like vivid dreams and sometimes it's a real ride!

And what type of CBD drops did I use? I used 7% Natural drops while breastfeeding. Now I'm not breastfeeding, so I drink 12% Natural drops like my whole family.



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Comparison BEFORE and AFTER using CBD drops for sleep

In the first chart you can see my sleep without using CBD.
I slept for 9 hours and still my deep sleep lasted less than 2 hours. I woke up sleepless and without energy.

The second graph is already after long-term use of CBD. Sleep for 7 and half hours, deep sleep was for 3 hours and on top of that I wake up on my own, fit and rested!

It's not about sleeping long, but sleeping well. And I can do that thanks to Eighty8! In conclusion, I would like to mention that CBD can affect everyone differently. This observation is based on my own experience and measurements before and after using CBD.

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Igor is a marketer from WOXO agency. He specializes in advertising, PR and marketing, but in his spare time he has long been involved in hemp issues and follows the Czech market with CBD and HHC products.

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