Super Strong Edition - What is HHC-P and THC-P?

Our new Super Strong edition is the strongest yet in the range. The edition includes flowers, Pre-Rolls, Vapes and Cartridges composed of a combination of HHC and HHC-P or HHC and THC-P. What exactly is HHC-P and THC-P and what are its effects? Learn more in this article!

The latest products tailored for a unique experience. This is the Super Strong edition. In it you will find flowers, vapes, cartridges and pre-rolls as you have never known them before. And in a much more effective and stronger form.

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New product in the form of THC-P

THC-P, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of the newest cannabinoids that was discovered in cannabis only in 2019. It is a cananoid that is more effective than others in many ways, which is why it is appearing on the market in different forms more and more.


Due to its structure, THC-P has unique properties that allow it to bind better and faster to CB1 receptors, so that it works more effectively and almost immediately. According to clinical tests, THC-P is even 33 times more effective than THC.


The research and investigation of this new cannabinoid is still at the beginning, but it is already possible to observe therapeutic effects stronger than those of classic THC. These can provide not only relaxation, but also relief from pain or bad mood. It also has better anti-inflammatory properties compared to other cannabinoids such as HHC.

What is HHC-P?

The discovery of THC-P prompted further research and the search for new possibilities. And that's exactly how HHC-P, or hexahydro cannabigerol, was created.

Properties of HHC-P

Because it is even younger than HHC, we find very little information about it. However, it has quite similar properties to the aforementioned THC-P, which is why we can partly rely on its description.HHC-P is a psychoactive semi-synthetic cannabinoid that does not occur naturally in cannabis, so it is produced in a laboratory from CBD.Unlike HHC, it contains two more hydrogen molecules in its alkyl chain, making it much more effective.

Effects of HHC-P

HHC-P is several times more effective than HHC and has strong calming and relaxing properties. Although its effect begins with a slight delay, its duration is even longer, which can reach up to several hours. Due to its long-term effect, it has great potential in a number of clinical researches.HHC-P can effectively reduce pain, help with sleep problems and even have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Super Strong Edition

Since HHC-P and THC-P are completely new to the market, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the products and the safety of their use when purchasing. At Eighty8, thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of products of the highest quality. The Super Strong edition is the strongest that you can find in our offer, in the form of flowers, Vapes, Pre-Rolls and Cartridges. All products in the edition are created with a combination of HHC-P and HHC or THC-P and HHC, which means that you only get the best of both substances.

Flowers & Pre-Rolls


By combining the CCELL brand, which is the market leader among vaporizer pen manufacturers, and our highest quality products, a unique product combining comfort and relaxation effects is created. In the Super Strong edition, HHC-P and THC-P play a major role, thanks to which we can guarantee you a very intense experience.

HHC-P 15% + HHC 85%

You can find HHC-P vape here with the aroma of raspberry, orange, apple or pina colada. The selected ratio of HHC-P and HHC component causes maximum relaxation and relaxation.

THC-P 10% + HHC 90%

Even just 10% of the THC-P component can bring a unique experience with an intense aroma of dragon fruit, watermelon, mixed berry or cherry.


Try our new cartridges and let yourself be carried away by a wave of well-being. You can choose between the immediate effect of the THC-P component or the long-lasting good mood thanks to HHC-P.

THC-P 10%

For production, we use high-quality HHC, which we combine with THC-P with uniquely strong effects. The offer includes flavors Mixed Berry, Melon, Cactus, Amnesia Haze.


Cartridges with raspberry, apple, cheese and lychee flavors are ready to use immediately and banish stress and anxiety.

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