What is HHCPO and THCPO

Recently, many new substances have appeared in the world of cannabinoids, but one of the the most prominent are undoubtedly HHCPO and THCPO, which you can also find among ours news. These semi-synthetic cannabinoid derivatives offer stronger effects than theirs predecessors, which attracts the attention of experts and ordinary users. In this article therefore, we will take a closer look at what HHCPO and THCPO actually are and how they differ from other cannabinoids.

The cannabinoid market is a living organism that is constantly changing and adding new ones new substances. If you've already explored our new Strong and Super strong editions, you probably have noted the different characteristics of the products. They contain the latest substances HHCPO and THCPO that takes all our flowers, pre-rolls and vape to a whole new level.

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New hit on the market – HHCPO

HHCPO, or Hexahydrocannabiforol-O acetate, belongs to the synthetic cannabinoids that they do not normally occur in nature. But they definitely appear in our new editions Strong and Super strong, and that in several versions. You should definitely not miss it in your collection our super premium pre-rolls Apple fritter or Green crack.

Properties of HHCPO

The main characteristic that distinguishes HHCPO from other cannabinoids such as HHC a HHCP, is an acetylation process. This chemical process improves the effectiveness of the base cannabinoid, thereby providing stronger and longer lasting effects. Research suggests that the cannabinoid HHCP is 1.5-2 times more potent than HHC, and HHCPO exceeds even this due to acetylation efficiency. Similar to other synthetic cannabinoids, HHCPO interacts with endocannabinoids a system that plays a key role in the regulation of various physiological processes in the body such as mood, appetite, feeling pain or building immunity.

What is THCPO?

THCPO, also known as Tetrahydrocannabiphorol acetate (THCP-O), is a modified form of the cannabinoid THCP to which an acetate group has been added in a chemical reaction called acylation. It is speculated that the substance could be up to 30 times more potent than delta-9 THC, although this the information is guesswork rather than scientifically based fact. THCPO can induce a strong euphoric feelings, intoxication, relaxation or sleepiness. The effects can last up to eight hours, which is significantly longer than most other cannabinoids.

Products with THCP

THCPO works great with CBD and THC in products, which is why we have some of our favorites varieties improved by a few percentage points of this new substance. For example, Animal Mints (<7%, <12%), smooth Gelato #4 ice cream (<7%, <12%) or an exotic holiday wrapped in a small package in the form of La Mota (<7%, <12%). If you prefer vape pens that you can have in your pocket at any time, we have those too
they added a kick with a little THCPO.

La mota

La mota

0,8G packing € 9.90
Pink runtz

Pink runtz

0,8G packing € 8.90

What is what?

New products appear on the market quickly and sometimes it is difficult to navigate them. We have described for you hence the main differences between HHC, HHCP and HHCPO:

  • HHC discovered in 1944 by Roger Adams who added two hydrogen atoms to THC. This the substance is of plant origin, HHC can also be found in hemp seeds and pollen. His psychotropic effects are milder than THC. It is currently on the Czech market prohibited.

  • HHCP was created by the addition of two carbon atoms to HHC a few years back. It doesn't exist in nature, it is again a so called semi-synthetic substance. Its effects are stronger than with HHC.

  • HHCPO it was also created a few years ago. It is the HHCP molecule to which an acetyl group was added. As with HHCP, it has been shown that acetylation improves the effectiveness of the basic cannabinoid.

Our offer of HHCPO and THCPO products

In our latest products, we focused on HHCPO and THCPO, which they permeate the entire Strong and Super strong edition. Their unique properties got us and in the combination with CBD and a pinch of THC resulted in one stone after another. You can choose as you like and preferences, because the menu includes flowers, pre-rolls and vaporizer pens. While at Strong we kept the edition relatively short. We made super strong with a heart for all passionate people collectors.

HHCPO and THCPO are interesting novelties that once again expand the properties and effects of cannabinoids and thanks to that, they got into our new editions. And we think deservedly so…

Frequently asked questions

What is HHCPO?

HHCPO or Hexahydrocannabiforol-O acetate belongs to the synthetic cannabinoids, that
means that you don't normally find it in nature.

What is THCPO?

THCPO, also known as Tetrahydrocannabiphorol acetate (THCP-O), is a modified form
of the cannabinoid THCP to which an acetate group has been added in a chemical reaction called acylation.

What are the effects of HHCPO?

Thanks to the chemical process by which HHCPO is created, the efficiency of the basic is improved cannabinoid, thereby providing stronger and longer lasting effects. But because it is a novelty on market, its exact effects are not yet fully described.

What are the effects of THCPO?

Similar to HHCPO, stronger and longer lasting effects can be expected here.

What is stronger?

The effects of HHC-P are stronger than those of HHC due to the addition of two carbon atoms.

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